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“Listen to What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Dr. Kevin Barton… The DRX9000ä … and His Results!!”

– Cathy Smith
New Braunfels, TX

I read about the Texas Spine Clinic in the San Antonio Express News, stating that the consultation was free with an 86% recovery rate. "Of course" was my response as I had been in pain for over 4 years. Likewise, I had cortisone injections, for pain, 3 different times over a period of 2 years with some relief, but not for long. I disregarded the article and thought it was a hoax. However, for two weeks, every time I read the newspaper the same article kept showing up. Finally I decided to call and make an appointment, after all it was free so what did I have to lose? After meeting Dr. Barton and Dr. Hoffman I thought "at least give it a try." The entire staff was so professional. They made me feel like I was the most important person in the clinic. After 4 treatments I felt relief and was ever so surprised! I am now pain free and have my life back. There are no words for me to tell you how very much I thank you. I also want to say that I will miss each one of you. I may just have to stop in every – now- and –them to get and give hugs.

Luis Contreras
Eagle Pass, TX

Hi, my name is Luis Contreras and I was a victim of chronic low back pain for 3 long years. I decided to take an MRI and discovered I had a budging disc which was 25 % out of its place located at L5,S1. All the doctors that saw my case said that I needed surgery which I am not a big fan of. I did decide to get surgery because of the pain being so unbearable. It was really limiting and changed life for the worst! One day my wife came across an ad about the DRX 9000 and so decided to give it a try as my last hope. After 20 treatments I am pain free and able to go back to my normal happy life. My thanks to Dr. Barton and his staff for showing me that miracles do exist!

– Jean Herwig
Yorktown, TX

Dear Dr. Barton:

It is so wonderful to function day after day after day without back pain – I can’t tank you enough. At age 70, I had almost decided that maybe this daily pain was just something I would have to learn to live with, although before this problem, I was very active even with community projects requiring physical work. Now I was looking at continuous pain or surgery, which was not the option I wanted. Then I read about your DRX 9000 treatment, and believed this was the answer for my ruptured disc problem. The result was amazing, as following my second week of treatment, I was free of pain! Thankfully, I have had no pain since, and am returning to my previous active life. I thank God for you, Dr. Barton, and the DRX 900 treatment. I would enthusiastically recommend your clinic to anyone who is suffering a back problem similar to mine.

– Melissa Ortiz, O.T.
San Antonio, TX

I spent years with neck pain and migraine headaches and thought it was normal. After spending 2-3 days in excruciating pain, I resorted to going to the ER because I was unable to lift my right arm. It was a scary time being only 28 years old and an occupational therapist that is familiar with treating patients with similar injuries. I spent the following 3 days with my right arm in a sling and attempting to continue to care for my patients as a therapist. After a MRI, I learned I had 2 herniated discs (C4-5 and C5-6). I then visited with a medical doctor and Dr. Barton and I quickly learned my options. My discs were damaged greatly and I had 2 options: 1. surgery which would require hardware placement, or 2. Receiving treatment on the DRX. Being a therapist, I have spoken with numerous patients who have had back surgery. Many told me to hold off with this procedure for as long as I could. I began the DRX treatments as quickly as possible and after 2 treatments I noticed results. I was able to lift my arm high enough to pick my hair up in a ponytail. Prior to treatment I was placing my elbow on a counter to attempt to make myself presentable in public. After all the treatments I had regained full range of motion and was working a full day again. The healing procedure continued for months after finishing my treatment on the DRX. I continued to strengthen my arm through exercises. I’m glad I was able to find out about the DRX before I had an irreversible surgery.

– Lisa Dederick RN, BSN
San Antonio, TX

As a registered nurse, I used my head, my heart and my back caring for patients. Over the past 20 years, I injured my back several times. The standard medical treatment is to rest, take anti-inflammatory and pain medication, and physical therapy. Repeated injuries and missed work took its toll on my back and my pocket book. I was getting depressed knowing I was getting progressively more debilitated and feared I would not be able to work much longer. Also, I couldn’t maintain my usual hobbies of gardening and hiking because of pain, and fear I would injure myself again. Then I found the Texas Spine Clinic and met Dr. Barton. I was impressed with the scope of Dr. Barton’s knowledge of anatomy and sports medicine. He went through my MRI with me point by point, and I gained a greater knowledge of my injuries. Dr. Barton and his friendly and helpful staff made my commitment to treatment easy and now I am back to work full-time, full duty. Even more, I am enjoying my free time hiking, biking and gardening without pain! I am so grateful I made the decision to come to Texas Spine Clinic. It has given me back my life.

– David Perez
San Antonio, TX

I had two bulging herniated discs, one being severely large and creating unbearable pain from my lumbar area all the way down my right leg. I could not walk, sit or do any normal activities. The immediate solution was surgery. Fortunately, I discovered Dr. Barton and the DRX 9000 spinal decompression equipment. Immediately from the first week I experienced pain and through the treatment I no longer had to take muscle relaxers and pain killer medication. It is great to function with daily activities and not be sedated or under medication. Upon completion of my treatment, I have experienced freedom from the pain and regained the ability to accomplish the simple daily activities in life we take for granted. I walk, stand, sit and move with ease and best of all-pain free. I thank God for Dr. Kevin Barton and the DRX 9000 machine that helps us enjoy a good life again!

- Burton Kahn, P.E.
San Antonio, TX

Dear Dr. Barton:

I had a leg problem which has caused me a great deal of pain. On April 5, 2006 I had back surgery. The pain in my legs continued and I also got a pain in the ankle. In February 2007, with a great deal of pain, I was planning to get another surgery. I had great difficulty in walking. I used to go to bed crying with pain when I laid down. I am 74 years old and I shrunk approximately 2 inches.

I visited with you for a second opinion prior to my second surgery. After viewing the MRI’s you suggested that I would be a candidate for spinal decompression with your DRX 9000 unit. It was a no brainer to use your treatment, a non intrusive process in lieu of surgery, which did not work. After 20 sessions which ended in May 2007, my condition was that my pain had been reduced to an annoyance in my legs and a slight pain in the ankles. My walking was tolerable. After 6 weeks of rest my condition improved. The only problem I have is pain in the ankle. I have had two additional sessions.

I am proud to say that I don't have any pain in my legs. My walking is improving. I can walk a short distance, (1/4-mile) without having to sit down. Unfortunately, the pain in my ankle although better is still there. I have a much lighter pain in the ankle now but is still there. In the process I gained back approximately 1 inch in height. I plan to get some future sessions in hopes to eliminate my ankle pain.

Although, I am not 100% cured I believe that your spinal decompression process really works and that I would recommend that to anyone who suffers the pain I had.

– Glen Wilbracht
San Antonio, TX

 I’ve been affected by severe lower back problems for the last 12 years, and have tried just about everything to alleviate the pain, to include spinal injections. Nothing has helped. About six years ago my doctors were telling me surgery was the only thing that may stop the pain. At that time as now, surgery was not an option; although I could get through my work days, I was not able to do much more.
Five weeks ago my father-in-law handed me a brochure from the Texas Spine Clinic on Spinal Decompression. I called the number, came in for a consultation, where Dr. Barton showed me just how weak my legs, ankles and toes were, by conducting some simple tests and felt confident he could help me. After just a few treatments I noticed things like getting out of bed in the mornings was no longer an effort. Getting up from a sitting position was no longer uncomfortable. Now, 20 treatments later, along with some simple back exercises, and today “I have no back pain.” My legs, ankles and toes can hold off the strongest pressures, my reflexes have returned to near normal, and I can move around, bend, get up and down, with no discomfort. I cannot begin to explain how this very positive experience has given me a new attitude, and I now look forward to many years of pain free activities. Dr. Barton, I truly thank you and your staff for the help I’ve been looking for, it has been a godsend for me.

-Martha M. Marquez
San Antonio, TX

Dear Dr. Barton,

It had been many years that my back pain had prevented me from enjoying my career, exercise, and even children. I was not aware that the pain was coming from torn and bulging discs, until you revealed the results of my MRI. After going through a series of treatments on the DRX9000, my back has improved tremendously! I know, with continued consistency, with my exercises, my back will continue to get stronger everyday. I want to thank you for your faith and encouragement that I would, indeed, recover.

– Clara W. Freeman
San Antonio, TX

 In April 2007 I had a fall and sustained back injury. I received physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. The pain was severe and progressed into Sciatica on the left side. With the physical therapy this corrected but moved to the right side. The sciatica progressed on the right causing severe pain that required medication which I did not want to take and medical advice that promised surgery that I did not want to undertake. I read your ad about the DRX9000 and presented it to my MD who stated “give it a try and if it doesn’t work we can proceed with the surgery or spinal injections.” Well I’ll not need either nor have I taken medications since I started my treatments with you Dr. Barton. I know that I still have a little more time to go. When you are 80 years old you don’t heal so fast but I know that I won’t need surgery or spinal injections. Thanks to your care and your wonderful staff I’m walking and engaging in all activities with minimal discomfort.

– Letty Santos
San Antonio, TX

I lived with pain for three years enduring several spinal injections to temporarily block the pain. When the pain returned I could barely walk and it was very painful to sit or stand. As a single mom I couldn’t keep the house clean and normal activities were a nightmare. My pain management doctor suggested a nerve block. I felt desperate to get my life back so I agreed. I called Blanca and mentioned what I was going to do. She told me about the DRX 9000 treatment. I know it worked for her mother who had similar pain, but I was worried about paying for the treatment. Dr. Barton was great and worked out a payment plan. Now I’m pain free and hand out Texas Spine Clinic cards to anyone who mentions back or neck pain.

– Lt. Col. Lyle B. Marshall
USAF Retired
San Antonio, TX

Dear Dr. Barton:

I am a retired USAF Lt. Col. 81 years of age. I was using a walker and taking maximum strength pain medicine to barely stay alive. I had just completed a MRI that showed I had a disc in my back pressing against a nerve. I was advised to prepare for an operation that would fuse two bones together as soon as the pain, after using the maximum pain medicine allowable, became intolerable. I was also advised that even if the first operation was 100% effective that additional strain would be put on other sections of the back and an additional operation might be necessary.

About this time I read in the newspaper – “Dear back pain sufferer, there is a good reason why thousands of former back pain sufferers are calling non-surgical spinal decompression the “eighth wonder” of the world.” To find out more call (210) 545–5111. I called the number and received their 8 page brochure. Although I was very skeptical I took my MRI and proceeded to the Texas Spine Clinic.

I talked to several patients who had the same problem and were very pleased with the results. I gave Dr. Barton my MRI and was qualified to take the procedure. I had 28 days of treatment on the DRX 9000 followed by massage, sonic treatment and ever increasing exercises. After the first two treatments I was able to stop using pain medicine and the walker. After the 20th treatment I had no pain of any kind but they wanted me to complete the program which I did. The staff was extremely patient in helping me on and off the DRX 9000 and in learning the new exercises.

It is now 30-days since I had my last treatment. I feel as though I have had my life given back to me. I am once again doing all the things I used to do including exercise in the gym 5 times a week and walking almost a mile a day. I can’t play racquetball because I had a hip replacement but I feel ready to play. I am proud to say I am one of the thousands of cured back pain sufferers returned to good life and strongly recommend this treatment to all who suffer this type of back pain. The results I enjoy are worth many times the actual cost. Many thanks to the Texas Spine Clinic and Dr. Barton.

– R.W. Dirks
Tuleta, TX

Dear Dr. Barton:
I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent treatment I received this past month. You were always on time or ahead of time for my appointment. I was hurting a lot when the treatment began and taking pain medication every six hours. I saw some relief after the first stretch and therapy. After the second week of treatments (8) I had no lower back pain. I have been pain free since. The stretching and back exercises continue to help keep me more mobile. Thank you again for the excellent treatment, and results I received at your clinic.

– Elisabeth Clark
Helotes, TX

My name is Elisabeth Clark. I am 72 years of age. I have suffered from moderate to severe back pain for the past 10 years. In late 2007, I twisted my back while preventing an elderly woman from tripping and falling. Within days of that event, I could no longer walk and was confined to my bed because of severe back pain. Obviously, I had damaged something in my lower back.

A MRI scan indicated that a herniated spinal disc was pressing on a nerve in the lumbar region of my spine. That was the cause of my excruciating back pain. A back specialist doctor recommended immediate surgery to repair or remove portions of the damaged disc. My grandson is a trained Physical Therapist and he warned that about 50% of his back surgery patients had post-surgery problems due to adhesions and scar tissue growth after the operation. My grandson recommended that I first seek a non-surgical solution.

I located the offices of Dr. Barton on the internet and inquired about treatment for my condition. After reviewing the MRI with me, Dr. Barton recommended a series of disc decompression stretching treatments on a machine known as the “DRX 9000”. After the first 30-minute treatment at Dr. Barton’s offices in Stone Oak, Texas, I was relieved of much of the severe pain. A month of treatments on Dr. Barton’s DRX 9000 has relieved me of all my back pain. I feel 20 years younger. In February 2008, I am now ready for a series of Dr. Barton’s back strengthening exercises so I will not have back pain problems in the future.

This is an unsolicited testimonial and I am happy to provide it. For the sake of those who might be suffering with back pain and fearful of surgical solution, I recommended a consultation with Dr. Barton before committing to surgery.

– Flo Rodriguez
San Antonio, TX

Dear Dr. Barton:
After a year of having painful back problems, my primary doctor recommend that I have an MRI and also see a pain doctor that would help me. I had four cortisone shots that eased the pain but the problem was still there. The doctor then decided that surgery was the best solution.

My husband and I discussed the problem and decided to explore other ways to help me. We decided to talk to you and your staff. My treatments were for five weeks, four days a week. At first I was really discouraged but the first week after the program I felt like a new person. It felt funny to get up in the morning and not feel that sharp pain when I stood up. Now if I am feeling the slightest pain I go to my room and do the exercises that you recommended and the pain is gone.

I also want to tell you that after that first week you and your staff made me feel like a member of your group. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Thank you very much for all your help. I highly recommend your method and treatment for back problems.

– Marilyn McDaniel
Center Point, TX

When I first discovered and was introduced to the DRX 9000 I was praying for a miracle. I had suffered with sciatic pain for over a year and surgery was not an option. I had been through every treatment with no relief and the DRX 9000 was my last resort. After the second treatment the worst part of my pain subsided. After a few setbacks and with the help of Dr. Barton and his wonderful staff I found my miracle in the DRX 9000. I am living a better life for it.

– Grace Rabjohn
New Braunfels, TX

For several years I have had severe back pain. Medication, shots and epidurals would help for a short time or not at all. I met with a surgeon a month ago to arrange for back surgery. A date was to follow. When we came home that evening I saw an ad in the newspaper. My husband Harold said call. Blanca said I qualified for the DRX 9000 evaluation. Thanks Blanca. That was the day we met Dr. Barton. He and his team of therapists started working on my back. With exercises and the machine, I am walking and sitting better. I would recommend anyone with back pain to meet Dr. Barton and his team. They are family by the time you finish your treatments. I will miss them all! Thanks Dr. Barton

– Peter Lovett
Bandera, TX

Dear Dr. Barton:
I wanted to write this note to thank you for all you’ve done for me. I have suffered pain and limited mobility from a degenerated L4-5 for years. I was crooked getting out of bed in the morning. Playing golf was painful. The following day was worse. I wanted to stand to eat dinner because sitting was intolerable. My back never fully recovered from any activity and the pain never ceased. Not anymore! Working with you, the DRX 9000, and doing my exercises have greatly improved my quality of life. My back does not constantly bother me anymore. If I do happen to overdo it, my back recovers. I’m not crooked getting out of bed in the morning. I can play golf pain free. Life is good!

-Jack Harden
San Antonio, TX

“Today will be my last back decompression session and related treatments. You and your staff have been very professional, thorough, well trained and well supervised. The sessions have been on schedule. The initial results have been satisfactory. My back feels good. It is looser and substantially pain free. The ultimate goal of the treatment has of course been to provide enough decompression of the L5-S1 disc to allow the disc to heal and for the associated soft tissues to strengthen and support the area. This is the non-surgical solution we have hoped for in our discussions. I am optimistic at this point that we have attained that level of improvement and will remain under your care for at least the near future to monitor the success of the program.”

-Paul Inestroza
San Antonio, TX

“I am writing to let you know I suffered for 8 years with lower back pain. I tried just about everything that my family doctor had suggested, but found no difference in my pain. The pain was so bad it prevented me from doing everyday activities and I came close to quitting my job. I currently feel nearly pain free after my treatments on the DRX machine. The pain that I still have is mild and off and on. I feel comfortable that I can return to my daily activities and start doing the things I was not able to do before.”

- Celso Compean
San Antonio, TX

“My name is Celso Compean. I used to have pain in my back, leg and foot and was not able to walk or stand for long periods of time. I’m a truck driver so I would climb on and off my truck and would experience a lot of pain and discomfort. Just sitting and driving would stress me out because of the pain I had. Then one day I saw an ad in the newspaper and went to Dr. Barton’s office to get evaluated. The first two weeks I felt better, I still had some pain but not as much. Then before I knew it I was done with my treatments and back to work. Well, I just have one word for how I feel, AWESOME!! I know I am still healing and getting better everyday. I actually like walking and I feel good and energized when I wake up in the mornings. I know I made the right choice getting this treatment and I am extremely satisfied. Not only did I get better but also had an awesome experience with Dr. Barton’s angels. Awesome treatment, awesome staff, what else can I say?”

-Moises Gonzales
San Antonio, TX

“My low back pain was to the point to where I needed pain meds morning and night to make it through the day. Pain kept me from enjoying most activities. Treatments on the the DRX 9000 has me back on my feet 95% pain free with NO drugs and back to enjoying a normal life. Thanks Dr. Barton staff!”

Rosa Dickerson
San Antonio, TX

I had suffered with lower back pain for almost two years when I read about the DRX 9000 in the newspaper. I had seen several back doctors and had tried almost every treatment possible short of surgery. That would be my last resort. In the morning my pain was so severe that I would have spasms in my back that would nearly keep me in bed. It would take me 20-30 minutes to sit up straight in bed and then stand up. After about the first week on the DRX my pain was tolerable and I was able to get out of bed without much trouble. About the third week of treatment, Dr. Barton started me on some back exercises. Now after treatments I am exercising everyday and almost hopping out of bed with no pain at all. Thanks for everything!!!

-Michael Scotch Rocksprings, TX

“In the fall of 2006, I began having pain in my right arm and shoulder. At first I thought I had just pulled or hurt it working at the ranch, but the pain grew worse with each passing day. The muscle in my right arm began to atrophy and I was losing strength rapidly. My fingers constantly tingled. I could not sleep in the bed and began roaming the house looking for a place to get comfortable and try and get some relief from my constant pain. No medications helped. I could ride in the car with a pillow to support my right arm and I still had tears in my eyes until the car stopped. Finally my wife was told about Dr. Barton and his work with spinal decompression therapy treatments. My first visit was on 12/12/2006. My MRI showed that my C7 disc was protruding inward causing the nerve to be squeezed and causing the tremendous pain. Dr. Barton stated that he has helped about 85% of his patients with the DRX. Little did Dr. Barton realize, I was doing all I could to hold back the tears from my pain the first day. That afternoon I began the first of 20 treatments. When I was fully stretched the 1st treatment, I had relief temporarily. For the 1st time in months I felt that I had finally found a cure for all my pain. I live 2 hours from Dr. Barton’s office, but the treatments were worth every minute I spent on the road. After 12 visits I could really feel the difference. I could use my arm with very little pain. After 15 visits I went skiing and had a great time with no pain. Now I have finished all my treatments and feel like my old self. I am back to working on the ranch and feel like a new man. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is having nerve and/or back pain. I am truly a believer in the spinal decompression therapy machine and Dr. Barton.”

–Jack Roberson
Runge, TX

Dear Dr. Barton,
I would like to offer my thanks for your treatments on the DRX 9000. I’ve been suffering from pinched nerves in my lower back for years. It was affecting my left leg and the ability to walk. After 20 treatments I can now walk like I was when I was a lot younger. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with the same problems. I would also like to thank your staff. It was a pleasure going for the treatments everyday. I was treated like family. I was sorry when the treatments ended. Again, thanks everyone I enjoyed the treatments.

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