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IMPORTANT NOTE: The information written in this section is not intended to diagnose or treat any referenced medical condition and its use is intended to give the viewer a broad based idea of the conditions referenced and should not replace professional advice as given by a health care provider. Never disregard any medical advice you have received by your doctor or provider based on information in this site. It is our professional opinion that if you think you may be suffering from a condition referenced in this section, seek medical attention immediately. The information in the sections below is written in simplified terminology to allow the viewer a better understanding of the conditions.

Low Back Pain Herniated Discs and Disc Degeneration
Neck Pain Numbness and Tingling
Arm Pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Leg Pain Car Accident Injuries
Headaches Sports Related Injuries
Work Injuries Scoliosis
Whiplash Sciatica
Facet Syndrome For More Information on Spinal Related Conditions


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