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Chiropractic is a distinct branch of the health care professions. Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in the evaluation and treatment of disorders primarily involving the nerves, muscles, bones and joints. They perform detailed histories, physical examination including orthopedic and neurological tests, laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging to formulate a successful plan of action to effectively treat your condition. Chiropractors are generally very conservative in their approach to treating pain and their techniques have become the most widely accepted and most effective alternative treatment of back pain. Typical treatments include exercise, joint mobilization, application of modalities such as heat, ice, electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound. Physical Therapists may also work to improve functional abilities in walking, getting in/out of bed, strength, balance, gross motor skills and endurance.


Pain Management

Pain Management refers to a subspecialty of medicine which uses conservative non-surgical approaches to treating acute and chronic pain. These doctors employ a wide variety of techniques to managing your pain including prescription medications, epidural steroid injections, trigger point injections, nerve blocks and electromyography. Pain Management physicians undergo a 5 year residency after medical school in either Anesthesiology or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.





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